Univerdidad Carlos III de Madrid
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Fees for entry in MASI18

The tuition fee for the MASI programme is €10,000.

Payment Procedure

Commitment Fee: If you are offered a place on the Master in Aircraft Systems Integration you will be asked to pay a commitment fee (not refundable but applicable to tuition) of €1000 about 15-days after the offer.

The remaining balance due may be paid in full at enrollment, benefiting from a 5 % fee discount, or paid by two equal installments of 4.500 €.

Failure to pay tuition entails the rejection or cancellation of a student’s enrollment according to the terms established by the University.

Because of legal requirements, the expedition of degree diplomas and certificates is conditional upon the payments of all monies owed to the University.

Loans: finance your MASI

The following institutions provide special conditions to students of any postgraduate program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Santander Postgraduate Loan.
Maximum Amount: Full course tuition up to 60.000€
Elegible Borrowers: Graduate Students aged 24 to 31 years old.
Interest rate and Commissions:
- Euribor +5,50%
- Loan Origination Fee: 3%
- No Loan Termination Fee
Maximum Period: Up to 60 months and 2 years of interest-only period.
More information at the Santander Bank Office at the Leganés Campus (, +34916882424), and the Santander website
Bankia ofrece la posibilidad de disponer de hasta 30.000 euros para estudios a solicitantes que tengan entre 18 y 30 años. Existe la posibilidad de fijar el día del mes en el cual se quiere pagar la cuota y determinar el número de cuotas anuales.
More information at Bankia website

For information on other financing options, see Mastermania (external website)

Sponsorship and company support

Working Professionals.

Most students on the programme are self-financing, but about 50% are sponsored by their employers. Many companies recognise the benefits of an employee attending the MASI programme. One example is the Master’s Final Project, for which many MASI students carry out research and analysis into a particular area of interest to their sponsoring company.

Another important factor to obtain the employer's full support is the reduction in social security contributions (Royal Decree 395/2007 on Professional Employment training), and the credit provided by some public institutions (namely Fundación Tripartita in Spain) for granting workers individual leaves of absence for training. More information can be found by contacting the Human Resources Department of your company or in Tripartite Foundation.